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Window Tinting in Cardiff

Cardiff Tints has been established for 7 years, we specialise in high quality window film such as Llumar to ensure a professional standard of window tinting.

Our advice is to beware of other companies offering low prices and installing low-grade window film which typically fades to a cheap looking purple colour after approximately one year.

Cardiff Tints is so confident in the film we use that we offer a lifetime guarantee against any fading, bubbling or peeling.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote and get quality film for your vehicle, business premises or home.

Car tinted windows fitted to the highest quality

Window tinting for your business premises or home

  • Added privacy and security
  • Protects interior furniture and carpets
  • Blocks 99% of Ultra Violet rays
  • Renders your windows shatterproof for extra safety
  • Lifetime guarantee on all window tinting
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Lamborghini Aventador wrapped Chrome Blue
Audi S5 wrapped Satin Black