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Car Window Tinting in Cardiff

We specialise in the highest quality of window film such as Llumar to ensure a professional standard of window tinting. We are the only Authorised Official Llumar Dealer and installers within Cardiff, our advice is to be aware of other companies offering low prices and installing low-grade window film (single ply) which typically fades to a cheap looking purple colour after 6-12 months.

Cardiff Tints is so confident in the film we use that every installation comes with a lifetime guarantee against any fading, peeling or cracking. Contact us for a free no obligation quote and get quality film for your vehicle, business premises or home

Advantages of tinted windows

UV rays reduced by 99%

We supply a 3ply deep dyed window film which filters UV rays by up to 99%. This has the added benefit of protecting young children against the harmful UV rays from the sun.


Our window film greatly reduces heat in the vehicle ensuring a comfortable drive in hot conditions. Glare is also reduced, making your drive a safer and more pleasurable experience.


The film holds glass together preventing it from shattering inside the vehicle in the event of an accident.


Dark window film will also reduce visibilty of the interior, therfore preventing thieves from seeing any valuables inside your car.


We have an extensive range of shades allowing you to select a style which compliments the appearance of your vehicle. The shade of tint you can select for your vehicle range from...
  • 5% Limo Black
  • 15% Dark Smoke
  • 20% Factory Shade
  • 35% Medium Smoke
  • 50% Light Smoke
  • 70% Very Light Smoke

The percentage is the VLT (Visible light transmission), there is no limit on the rear of the vehicle from the B pillar back and you can have any shade you desire, the front doors of the vehicle must allow 70% VLT to be road legal.

Any questions feel free to call up 02920 494 494 or your more than welcome to visit our premises and see vehicles that have already been tinted.
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